I am based in the Canterbury area (CT1) and only operate within about 10 miles of Canterbury.

Site Visit + Consultation

I offer an advice/consultation service if you think you have a  bee problem. A site visit is £15, which covers my time and petrol money.

  • I can advise on honeybees, bumblebees and wasps
  • I can suggest the best approach for dealing with a problem – which in some cases may be to simply let the bees be.
  • If I undertake to remove your bee problem – for example by a trapout or cutout method – the initial consultation fee will be deducted from the job quote.


Swarm Removal

This is usually free, but depends on the location and difficulty of the swarm.

Removal from Buildings – “Trapouts”

I prefer to use “trapout” methods which are less destructive to property and less harmful to bees. These need a number of weeks with regular, brief, visits to monitor progress. Prices start at £100 depending on the difficulty and location of the job. A site visit is needed for a quote; the cost of the site visit will be deducted if you go ahead with a trapout.

Removal From Buildings – “Cutouts”

A fast but destructive way to remove problem bees. I won’t undertake cutouts in difficult or dangerous to reach locations. Costs start at £150 for a small, easily accessible colony. The homeowner is responsible for costs associated with subsequent repairs and redecoration. A site visit is needed for a quote; the cost of the site visit will be deducted if you go ahead with a cutout.

Removal from other locations – hollow trees etc…

Contact me to discuss details, these may be substantially cheaper than the above quotes depending on circumstances.

Host a swarm trap

A swarm trap is a box placed in the hope that a swarm of bees find it and settle in it. If you know you have wild bees in your area providing alternative locations for them (other than your roof or chimney!) can be a wise move. Swarm traps can usually be placed discretely in a tree or on a flat roof. Note that they do not increase the number of bees around your house or that your will see in your garden, they merely provide insurance against swarms moving in.

  • I charge a £10 deposit per trap, returned when I collect the traps back at the end of the swarm season.
  • I buy trapped swarms from the host at £20 per swarm.

I particularly interested in catching swarms from wild colonies that have been living feral for many years. If you have bees living nearby in a chimney, roof or hollow tree I want to hear from you!



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