A busy week… and charging for consultation visits.

I’ve had a busy week dealing with enquiries and checking on my own hives, as well as fitting around work and family. A combination of circumstances has led me to change my policy on free site visits.

  • My business is honeybees, and while I’m happy to advise on bumblebee and wasp problems a string of frustrating and futile visits to misidentified honey bees has taken a lot of time – 4 visits in a week that turned out to be bumblebees.
  • Bumblebee and wasp problems are unlikely to result in a paid job, so by offering free consults on these I end up out of pocket as well.

So in future I will still offer site visits, but will charge a nominal figure of £15 to cover my petrol and time. Should it turn out that you have honeybees and want to go ahead with a removal then the £15 will be deducted from the quote.




2 thoughts on “A busy week… and charging for consultation visits.

  1. Hi

    I have a colony of bumble bees in the eves of my shed which my family use regularly.

    I appreciate the good that they are doing but would it be possible to remove and transfer them without killing them? If so, what sort of cost would this be?


    • Hi David,

      From your description it sounds like removing them would involve cutting into the woodwork of your shed. This is certainly feasible, but may be rather more disruption than is warranted.

      Bumblebees are not aggressive and their numbers rarely get above a few hundred (compared to 30,000 for honeybees or wasps). While bumblebees can sting, their sting is very mild compared to honey bees or wasps and they will only sting when provoked; for example by standing on one or disturbing their nest.

      I would generally recommend leaving them in these circumstances, but I can understand the anxiety of your family. One way to help make this less of a problem is to educate your children about bees so that they are less apprehensive of them. My two year old happily visits my hives with me and points out the “bumbles” around the garden.

      If you still want them gone please use the contact form on this site to get in touch

      All the best


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