Barham Swarm Update – 1

The new swarm out at Barham are taking their time settling in. With a few days of bad weather due and no wax yet being drawn out I decided to feed them some sugar syrup. There is a big nectar flow due in a few weeks when the lime trees flower, so I want to give them a boost before then.

I generally don’t like routine feeding of bees – they can become a bit dependent on it – but the survival rate of wild swarms is very low, and those that make it usually are settling on old wax where colonies have lived before. Giving a swarm a helping hand to get started, either with drawn out wax or with a syrup feed gives them the best chance of getting successfully established.

I’ll check them again in about a week and see how they are getting on – I’ll be looking for comb being drawn out and perhaps some eggs being laid.


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